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HTEIK THET HTUN GROUP CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD was established on 9 day of September 2010. The registration number is (No -991/ 2010-11 ). The company was originally started as ” THE ACCURACY GROUP services” since 1998.
HTEIK THET HTUN GROUP CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD is basically a construction company, which has a reputation in building construction, steel structure fabrication & installation Metal works, Cast Iron Product & Scraffolding fabrication work.

Why Choose Us?

We work as sub-contractor for Steel Structure fabrication, Installation & Roofing works for below project.
Our company, HTH, exists to provide the excellent services that satisfy the customers with highest quality.
We prioritize the quality of the products. We assure you of our best services. We make sure that your work with us will be a memorable one.
History of what HTH Group Construction had done during 2010 to 2017.
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